Weigh In Wednesday – Week 10


Once again it’s Weigh In Wednesday! Big, big things to celebrate! I officially hit 25 lbs down (yesterday), but the scale read the same today!!! That means I am officially in the 240s 🙂


The month of February is over and I am so very happy to report that I am still 2 weeks ahead of where I need to be to reach my first big goal! I’m really loving the calendar journal. It’s nice to see my hard work! (W = workout, red = something bad, left weight = weigh in, right weight = goal).


Things are going pretty good. I’ve had a few cheats, but nothing drastic…nothing to throw me off. I’ve stepped up the workout a bit since I’ve noticed my heart rate needing a bit of a push….though, my heart must be in better shape than my legs because the legs DO NOT LIKE IT. Hahaha.

I ran three miles on the elliptical in 25:50 last week. It’s really amazing what perseverance can help you achieve. I can’t even believe that only 4/5 months ago I could barely run for 10 min before feeling like I’d die.

If I had any advice to give, it would be don’t quit. Just because you can only do a little now doesn’t mean you can’t build up to more. I am walking proof.

25.4lbs gone. Booyah!

Have great weigh ins today!! No excuses!

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