Resetting My Plan

I had a plan in place for Saturday. It didn’t work.

I ended up eating higher carb all weekend. It started Friday night when I allowed myself chips and salsa and a bit of rice with my Mexican dinner. Then Saturday our big shindig came around. I worked out hard Saturday morning, but I had a small potato topped with chili, diced ham, and cheddar cheese. That was followed by a small piece of peanut butter pie. I had no idea someone was bringing peanut butter pie….it’s a huge weakness to me. I ate relatively low carb the rest of the day, though.

Sunday was a day of rest and I ate low carb until dinner. We went out to Ponderosa. I had 4 chicken wings and a little of that beef noodle stuff. I also had a few steak fries, some fruit, and banana pudding……..I am like a day away from that time of the month, so I am sure that’s why it was so hard for me to resist.  Energy is low….mama is exhausted.

I figure that this week’s weigh in will not be so great…however, today my reset button has been pushed 🙂

I try to remind myself that splurging every now and then is ok….as long as you own it, get back up, and vow to start fresh. So, today is all about resetting myself. I might need to go super low carb for a week or so. We will see!!!

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