Weigh In Wednesday – Week 7 :)



It’s week 7 and I’m doing pretty good!

Once again I weighed less on Sunday than I do today, which is annoying. I weighed in today at 252.8 lbs which is a total loss of 20 lbs exactly! (Sunday I weighed in at 251.4 lbs). I still lost 2.2 lbs this week, so that’s awesome news! I am still on ahead of schedule!

I’m trying to push myself a little harder on the elliptical – keeping my pace a little faster – not slipping under a cadence of 56, but keeping it more around 58/59, even 60-62 at times. I know there’ll be a time when I think 56 seems too slow….after all, 55 used to be “fast” 🙂

Low carb is going well. However, I’ve noticed myself getting a little relaxed at times. For instance, I bought some cookies as a treat for my son because he is taking antibiotics right now and if he takes it without flipping out, he gets two cookies (the chewy chips ahoy). Well, Monday night I had 4 of those cookies and some milk. I cannot keep this junk in the house. While it’s good to have a reminder that you’re still weak, it sucks to realize you’re such a food addict.

Saturday will be a nice test for me. We’re having about 16 other people at our house and the main dish is potato bar. For anyone who doesn’t know what potato bar is it’s a baked potato as a base and then you pile chili, diced ham, onion, tomato, bacon bits, broccoli, chives, cheese on top (some or all, your pick!). I’ll be making something else for myself to eat as a main dish. I’m also thankful that I know one dessert being brought is cheesecake – while I like cheesecake, I do not like this person’s cheesecake. It is much too sweet for me (shocking, I know!). I don’t know what the other dessert is, but I think that since we’ll be in my house, it’ll be easier to stay away from it – I’ll just walk in my workout / music room and look at my white board to remind me of the hard work I’ve put in thus far!

Anyway, that’s enough rambling. I hope you all have great weigh-ins this week!!

12 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday – Week 7 :)

  1. Congrats on your loss! 🙂 That is great 🙂 I know you are doing low carb, but potatoes are so great for weight loss…. are you at least going to join in a little? 😉 Again, great job pushing forward (sorry, a little bit of the trainer came out of me lol)

    • Thanks!!! I might allow myself a high carb day. My body just doesn’t like carbs…i seriously cannot lose weight eating starchy foods. I’ve tried WW and just watching calories and nothing works aside from watching carbs.

      • Sometime try this cook (potato, rice, pasta), chill, then reheat. It creates resistant starch. See if it treats you any differently if you want. Throwing in high intensity (HIIT) weight days will help you shed a nice amount too. You should be super proud that you are doing so great!

  2. If you know you are going to cave in on the cookies, eat some cheese first to help slow down the digestion of the sugars. That is the least you can do to help your blood sugar stay regulated and not create serious cravings later.

  3. I like your game plan for surviving the get together. I am just like you! If there is junk in my cupboard it ends up in my tummy in no time!! It is so tough. Hang in there, girl! Even with little cheats you are doing soo awesome!!!

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