Monday’s not so bad…

I am doing horrible with my goal of not weighing in everyday this month….but, so far, it’s more helpful than a hindrance.

I stepped on that scale today and it read 256.8lbs, so that’s another lb gone from last Wednesday’s weigh in!!!  I was really shocked because I ate a bit higher carb yesterday evening (Mexican food) and had a cupcake last night! Ahhhh! But, I worked out to make up for both when Sunday was supposed to be my day of rest, so there’s that!

Monday is starting out great. I hope you all have a great week!!

21 thoughts on “Monday’s not so bad…

  1. Life is always about balance. I liked that you allowed yourself to have the cupcake and Mexican and had some time of enjoyment. But I like the fact that you were willing to also put in the work the next day too! Life is full of gimmes and gotchas. Taking responsibility is crucial as you are aware. Great job and I love following your progress!

  2. Good luck on your journey! I’m excited to follow and encourage you along the way. Don’t beat yourself up when you do have moments of weakness. They actually help reset your body, especially when you are eating clean the majority of the time.

  3. Before the snow forecast, I found myself baking nervously…not sure why. The chocolate cake with cherry pie filling is always a favorite…and the 2 of us ate it in 3 days. No sweat…with all the snow removal activities. But, just in case, I won’t get on the scale for a few days. We all need some self indulgence. ☺

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