Oh Yes She Did!

Who ran a 9:00 min mile on her elliptical today? THIS GIRL!!!! That may not sound that “exciting” to you, but it’s super exciting to me. What does a 9 min mile mean? It means I didn’t stop for 3 solid laps around the “track” and when I did stop before that first

And then I had my low carb lunch consisting of a half turkey sandwich on healthy life low carb bread (1 piece), a 1/2 slice of kraft cheese, and 6 slices of oscar mayer deli fresh oven roasted turkey and a cup of beef broth on the side. I honestly suggest broth if you’re looking for something low carb/calorie to “fill” you up. It works great and you can make your own!


8 thoughts on “Oh Yes She Did!

  1. Hey, new follower here! I’m trying to get started. Do you have a beef broth recipe that you like to use? I like the idea of having a filler with my lunches to help take the edge off so to speak. Help! Keep writing, I’ll keep following 🙂 cheers

    • Hey!! I’m lazy and use Swansons!! Keep an eye on your sodium. I drink regular Swansons beef broth, but i drink a lot of water, which flushes the sodium out of my body. Chicken broth is easy to make, just buy a small chicken, boil it with diced veggies and you have broth. However, i still use swansons, lol!

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