And I’m Done!


14 Days of Low Carb (<35 carbs per day) is completed! I did pretty well with the challenge….until day 13 and 14, LOL. But, to be fair, my husband insisted on Chinese food Saturday night and my son insisted on Steak-N-Shake Sunday (we were out both days).

At the Chinese restaurant I stuck to mainly the beef and broccoli stuff, well, mainly just the beef part. I had some of the sauteed green beans, 1 piece of Gen. Tsao’s chicken, one piece of sweet and sour chicken and one twirly spoon of lo-mein. I logged everything as best as I could and came out to 59 net carbs and 1340 calories. I did have a rather great workout on Saturday morning – made my first mile 9:12 which is awesome!!

On Sunday, I did really well eating even though we went to a gathering. I stuck to the beef veggie soup I made (5 net carbs per serving) and cantaloupe (I couldn’t pass up the cantaloupe, it was delicious for January!!!). I did have one bite of a brownie. The gathering ran long and by the time we left it was almost 5pm and my son was hungry….(he doesn’t like soups and that was what we pretty much had as a main course, he did have some other things, but nothing to be considered a “meal”). So he asked if we could “eat in the city”….and then begged for Steak-N-Shake. Husband said OK! I said “oh no…”.

I asked the waitress if she could make me two chicken breasts a la cart with a side of cottage cheese and some frisco sauce. They obliged. So, it wasn’t terrible. With the fruit, brownie, cottage cheese, and frisco sauce my net carbs for the day ended up at 64 net carbs and 1702 calories. Not horrible, not great. If I had worked out, I’d have felt a little easier on myself.

I weighed in this morning and saw 258.8lbs – that’s almost a 1/2 lb loss from Wed. I probably would have lost more had I not eaten so badly yesterday, LOL. Still not a bad loss, though. Overall, the challenge was great and I’ve now lost a total of 14lbs. I am going to extend this low carb challenge another two weeks. My goal is to keep my carbs at <40, although, I’m still shooting for <35.

If you did the challenge, how did you do?

8 thoughts on “And I’m Done!

    • Thank you!!! My aspiration is to inspire somebody to do the same 🙂 Our health is really all we have and, while it’s not totally in our control, some aspects of it are and those are the things we should take responsibility for and do something about!

      • Oh yes, for sure!! My husband was angry with me for 5 days….5 DAYS!!! From Tuesday to midday Saturday last week. The old me, would’ve made brownies or a chocolate cake and drown myself in them, LOL….The new me said “you know what? He’ll get over it. I’m gonna do me, eat right, and work out some stress on the elliptical” and that’s exactly what I did.

      • Yeah for you, Courtney- I remember you mentioned that in a previous post. Great for you. I wish I could do the same when my own gives me the cold shoulder.

      • It’s hard. It is like a total reprogramming of your brain. The low carb really helps because, honestly, your cravings are gone for sugar after about the first week…

        It’s getting them to behave for the first week, LOL

        I know you can do it, Susie!

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