Day 9 And Feelin’ Fine!

Day 9 of 14 Days of Low Carb

So yesterday was great and today is great, too! I’m in a fitbit challenge with some mommy friends. We’re doing a daily challenge it seems – whoever has the most steps wins. I won yesterday with about 10.5k steps. I forgot how competitive I was until I joined this challenge. I might be too competitive for my own good. I’m almost a nervous wreck checking my steps to see if I’m still in first place, LMAO.

I’ve put all my food for today into MyFitnessPal (even what I’ll be having for dinner) and I’m coming in right under 1400 calories again. However, I have to move some stuff off and around because I planned on my half turkey sandwich, a cup of beef broth, and an Atkins shake for lunch after my workout, but I was stuffed after the sandwich and beef broth, so I decided I’ll have the shake in place of my normal afternoon snack.

Speaking of my lunch hour workout – I kicked it’s ass!!!! I ran a 9:44 min mile on the elliptical!!!! THAT IS FAN-FREAKIN’-TASTIC FOR ME!  I ran two miles and came in at 20:22 for both miles. A 10:11 min / mile average, but the first mile was most definitely 9:44! The second mile I did some HIIT on the elliptical and pushed myself up to a cadence of 65 for short bursts with rests in between. My heart rate climbs to about 183 on those bursts, so I need to be careful! I am almost 33 years old!

I took my normal post workout selfie and noticed that you can definitely see a change in my face from December 2015 to today. This is relatively the same angle. The pic on the left is today and the pic on the right was taken on 12/8/15:


Anyway, I’m super excited I can see little changes 🙂

I’ve already hit my stair goal for today, which is 10 flights of stairs and I’m almost half way to 10k steps! Oh and here’s my new motivation on my white board at home (even though pigs don’t sweat…I just loved the saying):


I’ve given it my all this last week and I am so ready to weigh in tomorrow. I’m going to blow my weekly goal of 263.2lbs away for sure. I’m looking at at least a 6lb loss from last week, I believe.

I’m seriously considering doing another 14 days of Low Carb (< or = to 35 net carbs per day) when this one is over on Sunday. Anyone wanna get in on it???

I hope you all are having a great Tuesday! Keep on truckin’!



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