Oh Hello Monday, I Wasn’t Expecting You So Soon!

I am tired today!! I really wasn’t expecting Monday to come so quickly. I feel like there was no weekend!

I did great with sticking to low carb this weekend and exercising. I didn’t exercise Saturday, but I walked a lot since I went shopping with the bestie 🙂 Always fun! I did workout yesterday. As mentioned before, we stayed home from church because my little one had flu like symptoms. I used that extra time at home to clean and throw in a nice workout.

Day 8 of 14 Days of Low Carb

I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at how well I am adjusting to eating low carb again. Every time I’ve tried this post pregnancy, I have failed within the first week. I am actually doing it this time. My cravings have subsided. I am eating enough to feel full. I’m losing weight. I still have energy. Good things. All good things.

I’m about to go home on my lunch hour and run on the elliptical before I eat some lunch! I’m loving the midday workouts. Pretty awesome!

5 thoughts on “Oh Hello Monday, I Wasn’t Expecting You So Soon!

  1. Ahhh. The “Mondays”. I am tired today too! 😉 I hope your lunch workout goes well though! I am putting off mine a bit but I suppose I should get to the gym now instead of reading your lovely blog. Haha thanks for the inspiration!!!

    • Hahaha! It was a great workout. I forgot to put my headband on so it was lovely having sweat streak down my face LMAO. I really do love working out at lunch. I’m glad I could inspire you a little! I hope you had a great workout, too!

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