Half Way Point

Day 7 of the 14 Days of Low Carb

Well, dear readers, I’m on day 7 of my 14 Days of Low Carb. I’m feeling pretty darn good.  I feel a little weaker today, but it’s because of my low calories in / high calories out day yesterday. I haven’t had a whole lot of calories today, either, but I’m doing better.

I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 259.8 lbs!!!!!! That is a 5.6 lb loss since Wednesday. I’m definitely in ketosis 🙂

My son had some sort of flu bug and so we stayed home from church this morning. I started my morning by making breakfast for the husband and had 4 pieces of bacon with my coffee. I started laundry and started cleaning after that. I threw in a 30 min high impact workout on the elliptical, in which fitbit says I burned 407 calories, around 10 am, followed by vacuuming the floors. I had an Atkins Day Break  Chocolate shake for recovery after the workout. Kind of stoked – It’s only 3:45pm and I’m already at 8000 steps, LOL.

I had a half turkey sandwich with a cup of beef broth for lunch and an Atkins Sweet & Salty trail mix for a snack this afternoon. We’ll be having some Kentucky Legend Ham for dinner. I’ll make my guys some starchy side dish and a veggie. I’ll have green beans on the side.

Looking forward to dinner 🙂 That ham is amazing!

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