Weigh In Wednesday


It’s that day again – Weigh in Wednesday! I’m kind of “blah” about my weigh in today…I missed my goal by 0.4lbs.


That’s really not that bad, but I was really hoping that I’d hit 265.0lbs.

As for Day 2 of my 14 days of low carb, I did good! As you can see, I came in at 34 net carbs, but my calories were awesome, coming in at 1256! My steps were actually higher than what they say, but I had to take my Fitbit Charge HR off to charge…I had it off for about 2 hours.


Day 3 of the 14 Days of Low Carb

Day 3 of the 14 Days of Low Carb is off to a nice start. I had my morning coffee with my sugar free french vanilla creamer and the same breakfast as yesterday – McDonald’s bacon, egg, and cheese McMuffin, sans the muffin part and a low carb tortilla in it’s place. I can tell my body is now in the early stages of ketosis because my mouth tastes horrible to me! LOL

I’m trying to decide if I work out today or not. I worked out two days in a row…so idk if I should take today off or not. I probably should work out…but, I know I can’t handle the elliptical again, so maybe I’ll just do a dvd – perhaps The Biggest Loser Power Walk? There are 4 “walks” on the dvd and 2 of them incorporate weights, if I remember correctly and will fit my time frame.

Some things to keep in mind if you’re eating low carb:

  • Generally, you need to be under 50 net carbs per day to achieve ketosis. Everybody’s carb threshold is different, though, that’s why you need to find your magic number. Mine is 75. As long as I’m under 75 net carbs per day I will continue to lose weight…the lower the amount of carbs, the easier I lose weight. If I stay between 75-100 net carbs per day I tend to maintain my weight. Anymore than 100 and I gain :/ The reason for “Atkins Induction” and limiting you to no more than 25 carbs per day is to rid your body of the sugar and starchy cravings. Induction is recommended as a 2 week time frame and should not be done for more than 4 weeks (if you have a lot of weight to lose)!
  • You can eat too much protein, which can halt your weight loss. You really should aim for somewhere between 0.7-0.9 grams of protein per pound of body weight . So, yes, that number needs adjusted as you lose weight.
  • You need fat – don’t be afraid of fat if you’re eating low carb!


7 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday

  1. The reason for induction is to enter ketosis!
    Have you ever tested with keto dtrips?
    Just like with protein you’ll have to lower your carbs as you lose wright. My opinion.
    Also during the first week of all protein you’re not supposed to exercise. So I’d go easy at least todsy

    • Oh yes, I have, but I get too obsessive over it, so I don’t do it 🙂 I do know that induction results in ketosis, though, lol. I’m careful throwing the term “ketosis” ariund bc newbies to low carb will google it and freak out about the bad kind, lol

      I’ve studied low carb for years – I could seriously be a low carb nutrition specialist, lmao.

    • As for exercise, I’ve been eating lower carb for a couple of months now…I’m just restricting myself more these two weeks. So a workout isn’t out of the question for me.

      When people first begin low carb they often have little energy as their body changes to burning fat instead of sugar and get light headed easily, they might even have headaches, so that’s no good with exercise. I’m past that point, so i have to workout!

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