In Other News…

Day 1 of my 14 Day Low Carb Challenge is OVER 🙂 I came in at 1634 calories (134 too many) and 36 28 net carbs (6 too many) ***UPDATE: MFP had the Atkin’s Sweet & Salty Trail Mix carb count including the sugar alcohol. Those of you who know how to accurately count net carbs, know you must subtract the fiber and sugar alcohol from the carb total to get net carbs – so I was actually under by 2 carbs!!!!!!!*** . I burned 355 calories on my elliptical, went 13 floors, did my bathroom strength training 1 time (had planned on 3 times…) and walked 8754 steps. So it wasn’t that bad of a day!! I tried my workout on my lunch hour instead of in the evening and that was okay. I better prepared for it today, so hopefully I won’t feel so rushed, LOL.


DAY 2 of the 14 Days of Low Carb

As for Day 2 – I’m starting off good. I stopped at McDonald’s for an unsweetened iced tea and bought a bacon, egg, and cheese mcmuffin. I threw the muffin part away when I got to work and ate the rest on a low carb tortilla 🙂 You can eat ‘convenience’ food every now and then if you plan ahead. So far today I am at 13 net carbs. Not too bad. My lunch will be a turkey sandwich made with Healthy Life 5 net carb bread (1 piece) with pickle chips, and homemade ranch. I’ll probably have some green beans on the side, so we’re looking at 10 more carbs from that, which leaves me 7 carbs for dinner. I might alter my lunch a bit to free up some more carbs for dinner, LOL.

13 thoughts on “In Other News…

  1. Hi Courtney, in 2004 I was close to 280#. Back then, I made the decision to take action just like you have. I had to learn a healthy balance because I ended up losing too much weight. At one point I got down to 170#. At 6″1″ tall that is was not appealing to my eyes. Protein supplements helped with that. I just wanted to commend you for wanting to do this for yourself, but also for wanting to be an inspiration to others. Good luck on your journey.

  2. Way to take action! I’ve found that my body doesn’t function well on low carb (I’m too hungry), but high carb is not good for me either! I’m doing 21DF right now, and I have my carb container (yellow) at 2 per day. Meaning I have oatmeal in the morning, plus a little bit of whole grain carbs at lunch and dinner, as well as 2 servings of fruit per day 🙂 It’s working for me, and I’m so glad you’ve found something that works for you!

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