14 Days Of Low Carb

I am pushing myself to do 14 days of very low carb (<30 net carbs per day) to get those nasty sugar cravings out of my body. I challenge you all to do the same now that we’re through the holidays! Honestly, eating low carb is the best way (IMO) to get those sugar cravings to subside. And, once you get past the third day it’s so much easier – those first 3 days, though….well, it’s rough! LOL FYI – I’ll probably be talking about Atkins a bit over these next couple of weeks. While I don’t exactly follow the Atkins diet (although I kinda do, I guess), I really love some of their products.

DAY 1 of the 14 Days of Low Carb

This morning I realized how much I am NOT a fan of Canadian bacon….lol…and I think I’m over round eggs…I’ll be sticking to scrambled with a little catsup in them, LOL…

My lunch will be a low carb ham and cheese wrap – a low carb tortilla with some virginia baked ham, lettuce, homemade ranch, and a piece of cheddar cheese. I will have a couple of mini pickles, too 🙂

For dinner I am planning on making some mozzarella meatballs and green beans on the side…I need to put the meatball recipe into MFP so I can see just how many carbs are in my meatballs…I generally use crushed stove top stuffing for bread crumbs…

For snacks I’ll have a string cheese and atkins sweet and salty trail mix (I absolutely love the atkins trail mix. AMAZING).

I’m also a bit disappointed that my Wal-Mart has stopped carrying the Atkins Day Break Chocolate Shakes. Those shakes are the most delicious ever and great post workout. I found them on Amazon for $6.29 so I ordered 5 packs. That’s cheaper than the Atkins site itself and I get free 2-day shipping, so nice!

My goal is still to keep my calories under 1500, which should be no problem at all while keeping my carbs under 30…my problem will probably be eating enough calories – that’s the problem with very low carb – you eat more foods that have less calories (unless you’re eating too much red meat and cheese -__- be careful with that cheese LOL) so getting enough calories can be difficult.

Workouts start up again today. Hello elliptical! Can’t wait to get on that baby….(that was sarcastic, btw)… I’m also planning to start my bathroom strength training back up again. I have my alarm set for 9am, 11am, 1pm, and 3pm…during those times I hit the private bathroom at work to do a little strength training…squats, lunges, arms, etc… Just 5 min is all you need!

Also, remember, if you eat low carb you need to eat fat. Drink plenty of water, too 🙂 More water in = sodium out and that lessens any bloating you might have!


7 thoughts on “14 Days Of Low Carb

  1. I agree that low carb is really best to cut the sugar cravings. The first few days are always the hardest but it gets easier after that.

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