Put It In Writing

“They” say you’ll have better success if you put your goals in writing, so I did.

Today is Week #1 – my millionth restart (probably)….LOL

I have a “goal journal” now. This is it:


My goal is 1.8lbs per week. Yes, I understand some weeks I will lose more and some weeks I will lose nothing, but I think seeing where I need to be weekly to meet my first big goal will help. It really sucks that I’m back to where I started just a month ago. But, this time there are no holidays to thwart my progress!

I’m also working on a list of “no control foods”…you know, those foods I talked about in my last post that I have absolutely no control over if they’re in my presence? – those will be posted in my kitchen. My husband will be made aware of these foods and that they are off limits, so he best not bring them in the house, LOL 🙂

So cheers to fresh starts! I hope you all have a wonderful New Years if I don’t post again before then!

6 thoughts on “Put It In Writing

  1. Great plan! I’m also restarting for the millionth time and am doing something similar by creating a visual chart with my goals and rewards listed.

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