Wait? No, Weight…

Ahh, the holidays hit me hard and fast. I thought I had started eating healthy early enough to kick the holiday [over] eating to the curb, but I did not.

I staved off pizza on the 20th and had some cheeseburger soup instead. I ate sort of healthy on the 21st sticking to small portions and protein. I got back to low carb the 22nd and the 23rd. The 24th came and when I arrived at work there was a box of World’s Finest Chocolate – Chocolate Covered Almonds on my desk from one of my vendors at work. I ate about 1/2 of those.

We had a Christmas dinner that night with a set of my inlaws. There was nothing low carb there. Everything was bad for you. I was kind of shocked, to be honest. I ate small portions and turned away from dessert for about an hour….then I had one cookie, which turned into 4 cookies.

Christmas day we had Christmas at home with just the three of us. We went to Hardees for breakfast and I had biscuits and gravy. (At this point I had pretty much given up…) I had a relatively healthy lunch and I made spaghetti for dinner, I think …I can’t remember for sure.

Saturday we had a Christmas dinner at our house. I made Chicken and Noodles because that’s what we always have. It was okay. One of my crock pots broke, so I had to make it all in one crock pot and my noodles came out thick…..it was not my best dinner. There were desserts everywhere. I had chocolate cake and cookies.

Sunday I had vowed to get back on the healthy eating wagon. I made breakfast and had eggs and bacon, turned down the biscuits. We had a busy day ahead, so my husband suggested we eat out for lunch…McDonald’s. The day was blown right there. But, it gets worse…we helped friends move and they bought dinner about 8pm…pizza. I had 1 gigantic piece of pizza and a piece of garlic cheese bread.

Awhile back a friend and I were talking about a guy friend of ours that has had much success with overeaters anonymous. One thing OA has you do is make an honest inventory of your food cravings. From what I understand, you apparently make a list of foods that are good, foods that are okay, and foods that are off limits to you because you can’t control yourself. Whenever he goes somewhere with people and he knows there will be food, he asks what the menu is and if it’s not something he can have, he brings his own food. I have decided I need to do this – the inventory and better planning. I have one more big holiday shindig, a spaghetti supper on New Year’s eve. It’s a fundraiser for the motorcycle group we are in (a clean and sober independent motorcycle group). I’m planning on taking my own food and sticking to it.

I stepped on that scale this morning and was sorely disappointed. I honestly didn’t eat super horribly, but I still gained 8lbs! 8lbs!!!!!!!

Some things that will be going on my “absolutely no” list will be:

Cake, brownies, muffins, cookies.

If any of those things are in my vicinity I cannot control myself. It’s ridiculous.

What would be on your list? Or can you actually control yourself?


5 thoughts on “Wait? No, Weight…

  1. I’ve learned some control. But there are things I don’t keep in the house and buy small packages of when I do but them because of self control issues. Chips, candy and especially chocolate. If I’m really craving one of those things and no replacements work to curb the craving I will buy a small bag of chips or one chocolate bar. I don’t believe in deprivation, if I want it I eat it, but if I have trouble sticking to the correct portion I don’t keep it in the house.

  2. Give yourself a pass with the holidays and don’t beat yourself up too bad. Holidays come but once a year – thank goodness for that. I slid a bit as well but still tried to give/take with things I love. It’s okay and not a race. You did find. You jump back on the plan and stick with it now. And cravings. My biggest craving here in the south is fried chicken. I can’t be trusted around it at all. Hang in there 🙂 ❤ June

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